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Welcome to the support zone for the Hotline from BA Clubs programme. Please note that as there is no telephone support for this programme, nor the Hotline programme itself, ALL queries must be registered here. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

In order that we can handle all the queries we receive in a prompt and orderly manner you are requested to follow the steps below:


In order that we can respond quickly and efficiently, you will be asked to complete some details about yourself. If you are already registered with the Hotline from BA Clubs programme, we suggest you use the same username and password you used to create your membership.

We will send you an email with a link that allows you to submit your specific query. This email should arrive quickly and will be sent to the email address you give us. Please remember to check your spam folder as this email can sometimes end up there.


Click on the link we send you, log in and send your query.

Select the category that most closely reflects the topic of your query from the dropdown menu. This will help us to direct the query to the people best able to respond, which will result in a reduced response time.

It will help if you can describe your query accurately as this will avoid the need for one of our agents to ask for more information.

In some cases, your query will be directed to different operational areas in order to get the most appropriate response. All responses will be handled by this system.


If you wish to check on the progress of your query, please return to the homepage of this support zone at http://www.hotline-baclubs-support.co.uk/ (note that this is a different URL to the Hotline from BA Clubs website).

You can access your own query by entering the username and password that you first used to identify yourself.

If you wish to submit more than one query, simply log-in with your username and password and create a new query. This will be shown as a new query when you view the track your query page.