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ABOUT: Why is my Staff Travel eligibility coming to an end?

When the current staff travel policy was introduced in 2009, it was decided to offer eligible former staff concessions based on the full number of years service completed with BA and not for their lifetime…

Those former staff who had already enjoyed their concessions for their complete period of service or longer or who had less than 5 years remaining in 2009, were nevertheless permitted to retain their concessions until 31 March 2014. This date has now been reached and the policy decision from 2009 becomes effective.

Why has BA done this?

BA needs to ensure that the staff travel policy is fit for purpose both from a commercial and legal point of view, but also to ensure it is relevant for those who are eligible for travel concessions under the policy. Many positive things were introduced in 2009, such as the system enhancements, the premium standby product and the more flexible nominee policy. The changes were discussed with a wide range of staff representatives including those representing former staff before the 2009 policy was introduced.

Can my concessions be extended?

No – the staff travel policy will be applied to all colleagues in the same way, so that we are fair and consistent with everyone.

How can I continue to travel with British Airways?

We know that many former colleagues want to continue to fly with British Airways. Former staff, who are no longer eligible to former staff travel can continue to enjoy Hotline benefits by joining BA Clubs and accessing Hotline offers through them. Further details are available at www.hotline-baclubs-support.co.uk
About British Airways Staff travel policy

Staff travel is and remains a non-contractual and discretionary benefit granted at the sole discretion of BA and as such can be withdrawn or varied at the sole discretion of the Company at any time.

ABOUT: What is Hotline from BA Clubs?

From 1st April 2014, a new level of BA Clubs membership is being offered to eligible former employees of British Airways who are not able to access Hotline offers.

ABOUT: Why do I have to pay for access?

The administration of the Hotline and Altitude Plus programmes is handled by BA Clubs. The annual charge is levied to cover the running costs of the programme, which supports the BA Clubs organisation.

ABOUT: Who is running this programme?

Administration of access to Hotline for former employees is handled by BA Clubs on behalf of BA. The Hotline programme itself will still be managed by a dedicated team at BA. If you need to contact someone, please see the Contact section of FAQ and check carefully to see who you should contact.

BENEFITS: What benefits do I get?

The benefit of joining Hotline from BA Clubs is gaining access to BA’s Hotline programme which includes beneficial pricing of tickets on British Airways’ flights. This includes discounts on sale prices. We believe that even with only moderate use, you can more than recoup the annual subscription charge for this programme.

ELIGIBILITY: Who can enrol in Hotline from BA Clubs?

To be eligible for membership, you must have been employed by BA or a qualifying subsidiary company for a certain period of time. Currently, the criteria are:


1. You must have left your employment with BA or a subsidiary

2. You must have had a minimum of ten years continuous service

3. You must not have been dismissed from service.


The Hotline from BA Clubs programme is a discretionary scheme offered by British Airways to former employees. The eligibility criteria and scheme rules may be changed by British Airways in its absolute discretion at any time. Members will be notified on the BA clubs website of any changes that apply.

ELIGIBILITY: I’m currently working for BA, can I join?

If you’re still working for BA you already enjoy Hotline benefits as part of your employment package, so there would be no benefit to you to join. However, you can still join other parts of the BA Clubs network. See http://www.baclubs.com/content/join for further details.

ELIGIBILITY: What about friends and family?

Only former employees themselves may enrol and each application for membership will be checked against your record of employment with BA. However, once you are enrolled, you may still purchase Hotline tickets on behalf of friends and family.

ELIGIBILITY: Is the membership transferable?

Membership is only available to those people with a qualifying period of employment and is not transferable.

ELIGIBILITY: My spouse has died, can I still join?

The Hotline benefit of this membership is only available to former employees and their dependants as notified to the airline.

JOINING: How do I join?

You can join Hotline from BA Clubs by completing the online application. Once you have completed the fields detailing your employment history, these will be checked for eligibility while you wait. Once we have a match, you will be directed to a secure payment gateway to pay your first year’s subscription of £30.00.

JOINING: Payment methods

We accept most credit/debit cards. Unfortunately we cannot accept payment by cash, direct debit or standing order. All online payments are made via a fully encrypted secure payment system. BA Clubs does not have access to any of the payment details.

JOINING: Payment Receipt

All successful membership payments will generate an online receipt that you should print and keep for your own records.

JOINING: Renewal

Membership is renewed annually. You will receive a series of reminders that allow you to renew your membership before it expires. Please note that should you let your membership expire, BA Clubs cannot guarantee that any accrued benefits will be maintained. Although we’ll do our best to remind you, it remains your responsibility to maintain a valid membership.

MEMBERSHIP: Are there different types of Hotline membership?

By subscribing to membership of Hotline from BA Clubs, you are joining a special category of BA Clubs. There is only one type of membership for this category.

MEMBERSHIP: Is this the same as a BA Clubs membership?

The Hotline membership category is new and independent of existing BA Clubs membership. If you are already a member of BA Clubs, you will still need to join the Hotline membership category to enjoy the benefits offered by the Hotline from BA Clubs programme.


A Hotline from BA Clubs member is not entitled to any other benefits of the BA Clubs organisation (use of gyms, clubhouse etc.) unless the appropriate additional BA Clubs membership subscription is paid.

MEMBERSHIP: Can I pay monthly?

No; Hotline membership is only available for a single annual payment that must be paid in full at the beginning of the membership year. Monthly payment plans are not available.

MEMBERSHIP: How do I renew my membership?

Membership renewal is handled exclusively online. You will be sent email reminders ahead of the membership renewal date; once you have received the reminder, you can renew your membership at any time prior to the expiry date and you will have a further twelve months added to your membership.


Even if you renew prior to the expiry date, the new membership period will run from the expiry date, not the date you make the payment, so it makes sense to renew as soon as you get a reminder.

MEMBERSHIP: How do I cancel my membership?

If you no longer wish to enjoy the benefits of special pricing on scheduled BA flights, please send us written notice of your wish to end your membership. Such notice should be mailed to Hotline Membership, BA Clubs, Crane Lodge Road, Cranford, Middlesex TW5 9PQ, clearly stating your name, previous BA employee number and Hotline membership number. On receipt of this information, we will ensure your membership is not put in the renewal cycle for subsequent years. Due to the nature of the programme offer, no pro rata refund of any subscription will be made.

MEMBERSHIP: What if a member dies?

Please contact the Hotline from BA Clubs membership team using the online form available on the website at http://www.hotline-baclubs.co.uk/contact and we will help you make the appropriate arrangements.

ACCESS: Why can I only join online?

Access to both the Hotline and Altitude Plus programmes is only available online, so it makes sense to offer joining and renewal facilities online too. This not only helps to keep overhead costs under control (which also keeps the membership fee low!) but it also allows us to communicate programme news and offers to you in a quick and easy format.

USING HOTLINE: I have a question about using Hotline

The Hotline programme itself will still be run by BA and there is a dedicated support team in BA to deal with Hotline queries. Please do not contact BA Clubs with Hotline queries, as these will only be referred to the BA Hotline team.

HELP: My question is not answered in FAQs

We’ve tried to cover a range of questions that you may have, but we know that there will inevitable be a couple of areas where you may still have queries.


In order to respond as quickly as possible, it will help if your question is directed to the appropriate response team.


If your question is about joining the Hotline from BA Clubs programme, the sign-up process, membership payment or membership renewal issues, please submit your question here

CONTACT: How do I contact the Hotline from BAClubs team?

If your question is about joining the Hotline from BA Clubs programme, your eligibility, the sign-up process, payment or renewal issues, please submit your question here


Please note that it is not possible to make telephone enquiries to either organisation.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Check the FAQs

We’ve tried really hard to cover most of the issues you may encounter in the FAQ section above. It’s often easiest to take a couple of extra minutes to look for an answer to your question


Contact BA Hotline

Most questions arise on the topic of the Hotline programme itself (availability, tickets, pricing, reservations etc.) and all these enquiries can be answered by viewing Hotline availability online, or, if this is a booking amendment, by accessing via www.ba.com.


Contact BA Clubs

If you have a question regarding your membership of the Hotline from BA Clubs programme, and this is not covered in the FAQ section, then you will need to complete an online form to submit your question. Details of how to do this can be found here.